Hints and Solutions

Thought I'd post a few hints and solutions for if you get stuck or bugs get in the way of progression.

---Spoilers obviously---

For fishing you must have bait on the hook and wait for it too sink and you hear a splash sound to reel it in.

Once you've caught 3 fish you should get a key to the graveyard.

Dig up bait from the graveyard and catch 2 more fish to repair the bridge.

The first ending is pretty easy to find from there :)

The second ending is supposed to come after the first so you learn how to get it.

On your second playthrough you shouldn't need to fish or anything as it should already be evening and the bridge should be repaired.

You must dig up the book from behind the amulet shrine.

Then in the depths of the lake there are runes which will translate the book to give you the answer.

If you still can't get it or it bugs out the answer is: The king in yellow

This will get you the knife and the diving bell which will take you back to the surface. From there you can use the dagger on the fisherman to end the dream.

Also the translation for what the Thing in the Lake says:

"You have brought me an offering 

You shall be assimilated with the chosen vessel

Become one with The King In Yellow"

There were more endings and world building intended which had to be cut for time so sorry if it's a little confusing. I've started working on a more fleshed out version so stay tuned!

Happy gaming!


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so I think I found a bug - I caught the first two fish, but then lost the third worm and the game wouldn't spawn anymore worms so I couldn't progress any farther.

Thanks for the feedback. I've been planning to update the game with respawning bait to alleviate this problem, just haven't had time yet. Should be done in the next few days :)